skateboards Snaps


Current riders… Mostly cruisers… I am old.


Bottom to top: 

  • Conspiracy Bryan Pennington with Indy IX 149’s & Kreper kingpins, Shitbird Grimeballs 57’s and RocknRon’s Rockets
  • Powell RoseBones with Orion 150s & Kreper kingpins, Powell Dragon 90a 56’s and Swiss Sixers
  • Comet Voodoo with Bigass Bennetts, wedged front with a SC Cruise Missile riser, Alligator 70mm 78a and Builtins
  • Arbor Pintail with Tracker Fulltrax, Alligator 62mm 79a and RocknRon’s Nuclear Rockets


Conspiracy gets cruised around skateparks mostly. I love this thing, if you have one and want to let it go, please PM.

RoseBones is a fun sidewalk cruiser and ditch board. I just set it up last week, so not much mileage… but Orions are WAY better than Indys due to shorter wheelbase: gives it more pop and maneuverability.

Comet just got set up tonight.. but seems like it’ll be awesome. I live at the top of a 200′ drop gravel drive, so no where to test it.

Pintail with Trackers obviously does not turn… but that’s OK, because it is low and stable, great for the half-mile cruise from the parking spot to the office.


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