Nitto Ridge Grappler 265/75R16 on 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD OffRoad 4×4 Double Cab

Just got some new tires, so far so good on Georgia inland desert conditions during July 2019. Hopefully it rains and we’ll get some clay compaction. Otherwise… Georgia = Gobi.

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Hey Tyler:

No, I haven’t seen any rubbing at all with stock wheels and suspension.

I just changed a leaky tire, inspected and rotated the spare. I haven’t done any super flexy off-road trails, but definitely have done sharp 4wd reverse at full-lock many times in the woods and on steep powerline trails and roads. These tires are louder than stock but not bad or annoying at all; they are not louder than normal music volume. They are good in heavy rain at highway speeds. No wandering, they drive straight.

Mud traction is MUCH better than stock, and they don’t get clogged up like the stock GoodYear A/T tires. Nitto Ridge Grapps reject gravel/stones very well. I got stuck twice with the stock tires: once in slippery topsoil mud in a grassy field, once in loose rock and mud on a steep power line. I have driven those same spots in similar conditions and there was no slippage at all.

I have almost 10K on the tires, including a good bit of gravel driving (at least 60 miles per month) and 4wd (at least 20 miles per month). They are looking good and wearing evenly. The only issue thus far is I had to plug a leak where a nail penetrated right where the tread meets the sidewall.

My brother also recently put Ridge Grapplers on his new Wrangler… he really liked the looks, and wanted something more aggressive than the stock tires.

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